Private Classes

Privates - For a personalized, client centered experience.

Yoga Kinship provides a bespoke practice for individuals, partners and groups. We begin with a 30 - 40 minute zoom consultation to assess your lifestyle, health and personal wellness goals. Through designing a tailored yoga program, we can work together to meet your exact needs.

Hips or hamstrings tight?
Lower back pain?
Anxiety or restlessness?
Finding balance and grounding tough?
Need to improve mobility and flexibility?
Need to strengthen muscle and increase tone?

We got you! Your classes are designed just for you with recordings to provide further practice opportunities throughout the week. Unlimited email communication and regular check-ins ensure you are always in control of your journey and feel supported every step of the way. 

Next steps

So first, let's talk! Schedule your free, no commitment consultation. If you have any questions drop me a line [email protected] or call 850 860 1987. 

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