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We design bespoke healing practices - for all bodies - that work on and off the mat.

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We are here to provide a sustainable, “meet you where you are” movement practice. We believe every body is a yoga body and wellness is our common ground.

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Begin or dive deeper into your wellness journey with one-on-one classes that suit your busy schedule. Or, if you're a business or organization, provide wellness, healing, and support to your employees and/or the communities you serve through movement.

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Working with Yoga Kinship has been the ultimate joy. I believe what sets Dee apart from other teachers is her ability to create a safe space for community and deep shares. Her teaching seamlessly speaks to all bodies and I simply can't wait to work with her again.

Thank you for such an inspiring series that you created for Black History Month. For those that attended it was a moment to really connect with ourselves and reset our minds.

For your Zen-box.

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