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Personal Kinship

Do you need a private, customized program designed specifically for your goals?

We craft a program tailored to your needs and designed around your schedule. Regular check-ins and adjustments ensure we are aligned with your targets and intentions.

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Group Kinship

Does your team have a wellness goal that would be best achieved together?

Friends, family, coworkers...those that play together, stay together. Programs created for community practice and designed specifically for the needs of your team. Ask about or special groups and rates for educators.

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Mama Kinship

Do you want to prepare for pregnancy and  postpartum in a safe and healthy way?

Together we create a program that is thoughtful, supportive and nurturing for you and your baby. Active and powerful movement, restorative poses or mindful meditation; we develop a program as unique as your journey.

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Calling All Educators! 

As educators, we have an extremely stressful job and often zero time for self care. Yoga For Our People is an inclusive and accessible community dedicated to improving teacher wellness through a range of modalities. Discounted programs for all teachers. Email: [email protected] to start your wellness journey.


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