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Hi, I'm Dee Williams. I am a certified yoga and meditation instructor, mother and educator. I found yoga during a time of practical, emotional and mental instability. Frustrated, exhausted and lacking clarity, I needed to heal and shift my mindset. Studying yoga every evening and weekend while teaching my first graders every day was often a challenge, but I fell deeply in love with the practice. I noticed a slow but steady increase in strength and flexibility in both my mind and body and felt an overwhelming sense of joy when I taught others. The western version of yoga I was surrounded by often felt exclusive and inaccessible. I wanted to humbly pay homage to tradition with a more holistic offering and create something that felt authentic, genuine and personal. I wanted it to be relational and relatable, with a connection to self and each other at the heart of the practice.


We are on a mission to foster a yoga mindset both on and off the mat, so that every person knows what it is to honor the body they own, and is empowered to advocate for the health and healing they need.


We envision a world whole and healed, where every body has access to a sustainable wellness practice that both ignites and grounds their most authentic selves.

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This is a conversation with IT ALL Media, we discuss redefining strength, people who believe “yoga isn’t their thing,” my reason for founding Yoga Kinship, and so much more.

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I work with amazing companies and organizations, like Troutman Pepper, Virginia Highland Church, Sol Underground, Total Life Wellness, Co-Created Conference, Yoga Purse, Gara Black Annual Fund, Feet of Clay, Donor Drive, A+ Squash, The Children’s School, and more.

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