We believe in accessible wellness.

Every person - of every age, race, gender, income and ability - deserves the basic human right of accessible wellness; this is ingrained in every aspect of our ‘how.’ Financial instability should not be a barrier to accessing wellness. Please reach out if we can support you in your self-care practice.

Anyone who is interested in making a change in the world also has to learn how to take care of herself, himself, theirself.

Angela Davis

Our Values


We practice non-violence towards ourselves and others; we value progress over perfection, without the need to be in competition with ourselves or anyone else.

Every Body is a Yoga Body

We can practice yoga in the body we inhabit right now. We seek strength, increased mobility, mental and emotional resilience, balance and the development of somatic awareness and interoception. The word ‘exercise’ is not part of our practice.

Kula (Community)

Yoga Kinship is a community; a place to belong. We create a secure space where we are safe to take risks and make mistakes.

Imperfect is Perfect

We are on a journey of accepting who we are and where we want to be; this is often a messy path so wherever we find ourselves right now, is perfect.

Pause & Go Gently

As we move through this life, we create intentional space to pause and go forth gently, trusting we will always arrive exactly when and how we are meant to.

Radical Self Trust

You are your first and most sacred teacher; when we learn to trust ourselves, we can then advocate for our own well-being and the common interests of our communities.

The Yoga Mindset

"We understand life is a process, amidst the inevitable chaos and vulnerability we seek the ability, both on and off the mat, to ‘ride the oscillating waves more harmoniously’ in an effort to seek growth and build resilience." - Dr. Ishwar V. Basavaraddi